Another Castle

Another Castle Episode 14 –
Jeremiah Johnson

Legendary chip musician and digital artist, Jeremiah ‘nullsleep’ Johnson, stopped by this week to talk about his work, both musical and non-musical, as well as the joy of ‘shmups’. One of the founding members of 8bitpeoples, Jeremiah gives a brief history of chiptune music from its origins in the demo scene up to newer bands like Anamanaguchi. We also spend a bit of time discussing what some consider a dead genre, the ‘shooter’, and why its particular charms are being mostly ignored by today’s gamers. Finally, we briefly talk about some of the non-musical work Jeremiah’s been doing, including his game hacking project called Data Spills.

The episode is up on iTunes but you can also download it here:

Another Castle Episode 14 – A Conversation with Jeremiah Johnson

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