Another Castle is an interview show focusing on creators and thinkers in the New York game development scene. It is hosted by Charles J Pratt and produced and edited by Noah Sasso, with music by Chris Graves (www.kracfive.com) and art by Rachel Morris (www.rachelem-illo.com).

It has its own website you can visit at www.another-castle.org

Season 1

Frank Lantz, Anna Anthropy, Greg Trefry, Jesper Juul, Richard Rouse III, Heather Chaplin, Eric Zimmerman, Wes Erdelack, Wade Tinney, John Sharp, Mark Essen, Greg Costikyan, Adam Parrish, Jeremiah Johnson, McKenzie Wark, Kevin Cancienne, Naomi Clark, Adam Saltsman, Richard Lemarchand, End of Season One


Season 2

Simon Ferrari, Andy Nealen, Steve Gaynor, Jeremy Pope, Brandon Boyer, Matthew Weise, Sande Chen, C.J. Kershner, Mike Treanor


Bonus Episodes

Win Win, No Quarter Exhibition


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