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Reading for the Weekend

Here are a couple of interesting pieces I came across that you all might want to check out if you have an extra ten minutes:

First, a quick write-up of a conversation between GameSetWatch’s Simon Carless and our friend Frank Lantz, about his hit Facbook game Parking Wars. I wish the post was either longer or an actual interview, as they briefly touch on a couple of pretty big subjects, but it’s still always nice to see good work get some attention.

Secondly, something that I know will be of interest to a couple of people who read the site, is a page (that I gather has been up for a while) explaining David Sirlin’s oft-spoken of new collectible card game, Yomi. A few of us gave Kongai a real shot and for some reason it couldn’t hold our interest, hopefully a game that’s a little more intimate will be a little more compelling. Apparently he’s going to take it down soon due to copyright violation, so get it while it’s hot!