First colloquium of the international of Games (AGS class 1)

class advanced game:

What is wanted for the class

– long term commitment perspective
– Not about making a game for this class specifically nor analysis per se but fueling current and future projects.
– no particular “homework” but indeed personal involvment and proposition of work.


– Importance of terminology: not really, most of the vocabulary is common one.
– game knowledge: being literate (see list of games to know about what a literate person is)


– Notion of Deep play (don’t accuse me, I wasn’t the one saying that)
– jonathan blow? game ‘Braid‘ , his webPage link!
– what can video games can explain and tell us… or something, I didn’t catch the name (book by him according to his majesty Charles the First)

People and what they want to do

Josh Knowles, fell in love with games during ITP.
Chris Paretti worked in games.
– Thomas Duc was interested in games and finally found a place to (try) to talk about it seriously.
jury big screens public space phone.
huinong yang?(sorry for butchering a name) text games. game theory interest (journey to wild devine, brainball)
fusrine?(sorry for butchering a name) flash games + interest in theory
Ming sun lee(sorry for butchering a name) also known as James Bond Sam. Interested in designing small games.
sinan(sorry for butchering a name) Interest in user experience designer, how game are compelling.
Mat Fargo : peripheral stuff for game companies. Took classes in game in berkeley.
Charles (also known as his majesty Charles the first), game and interactive art.
charly, (also known as his majesty Charles the second)future of games, pushing the enveloppe. Experimental work
Rob: interest in play for short term, casual games.
Robert: research project , games and learning : game designer research.
Domain of game design for kids, Game behaviors
Oren Ross, undergrade in games. thesis??? game, serious game?
Tikva (sorry didn’t catch this one Tikva).
Lea period piece game.
Kunal game design experience and got sick of it because bad experiences. social game and rules.
Franky. Interaction design
Bob trying to get to game templates
Derek, Gamer. tries to be taken seriously.

serious games
political envolvement
| In the mood for games |

conceptual approach to video games:
-Approach games like other fields.
-Algorithmic thinking
– Gameplay units of hours is not necessary good unit.
– Games like appliances, not anymore
– Performance oriented critiscism
– too much analysis or not enough? [fake debate]
– They are Next best thing, immersive human experience.
– careful of the cult of design
– Mogy (game)
– field of engineering

– Narrative
Is Facade a game? What is the game mechanic? What do you — feel — ?
interesting concept of degradation as a game dynamic.
Frank is shooting with his “meaningful choices” gun against Facade.
Facial expression, what part of the emotional involvment.
Game or not Game, it is too short to test the rythm, the flow of it.
– Narrative and performance