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ITP Game Theses 2007

ITP had what I believe is a record year for game-related thesis projects (Frank, can you confirm this?). If you missed the live presentations here are some links to the archived videos.

Design and Play: How Games Create Meaning by Charles Pratt
An examination and expansion of the history of game theory from two perspectives, player-centric and design-centric.

Intimate Game Controllers by Jennifer Chowdhury
‘Intimate controllers’ is a platform where video games are played by couples touching each other.

3001:MMMI // The Massively Multiplayer Musical Instrument by Joshua Knowles
3001:MMMI is a new way for an audience to collaboratively perform music using mobile phones as controllers for a single performance.

Airtime by Christopher Paretti
Your phone is powerful; It will affect objects, provide delight, and allow for a playful experience you’ve yet to encounter.

PLAY MEGAPHONE 3001 by Jury Hahn
A real-time, collaborative telephony platform.

Stop The Infections!! Game by Oren Ross
A Serious game about sexually transmitted diseases.

NORIGO – A Video Game by Rolf Andersen
The main idea of my (Rolf’s) thesis is to use a non-standard interface to control a multi-player video game using biofeedback sensors.