Another Castle

Another Castle Bonus Episode 1 – Win Win

While we take a couple of months off between seasons, we thought we post a few recordings of different events that have happened around New York that people may have missed (especially if you don’t live here)!

Our first bonus episode is a recording of an informal panel on games and art that was conducted at the Greenpoint gallery Cleopatra’s during an exhibition by the artist Billy Rennekamp called Win Win. The panel include myself (Charles Pratt), Simon Ferrari, and the artist himself. We cover topics such as the place for games in galleries, cheaters vs spoilsports, and the relationship between game designers, artists, and appropriation. Introducing the episode is Noah Sasso and Simon Ferrari.

The episode is up on iTunes but you can also download it here:

Another Castle Bonus Episode 1 – Win Win

The episode has also been added to our Podcast page, where you can download older episodes of Another Castle.

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