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Conceptual Sketch of a Game I’ll Never Make

I am inspired by Defcon to make games in which the play space is a quantified exaggeration of now or the near future. But while the play in Defcon is high level strategy, I’m more interested in exploring a citizen-scale playspace.

For example, a simple quanitifcation is a multiplayer online game set in a scenario in which a large corporation is dominating the landscape with a very simple goal to its behavior ; within its possibility, it rearranges its behavior continuously in order to maximize its own profit.

All the human players are left with the task to topple this pre-exscheme; and that is the entire narrative of the game. They are given a cohesive collection of tactics which they can enact singularly, they can collaborate on, they can combine, etc. And of course it somehow introduces factions on the play level – so there is an incentive to win the game with your own movement, which may corrupt the larger motive, while making the play fun. While there is a win state , there is no necessary guarantee that the players will reach it.

I just want this to be less boring than Tale in the Desert, but totally in homage to it.

And I’m exactly interested in how this kind of model might redefine the possibility space of the citizen players in our real world.