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indie arcade proposal

Indie Arcade Quick Concept

A venue for independently made, amateur quality games.
Kind of trying to compare it to a music scene – I want to provide a place to go to see your friend’s or maybe local new games. Not that I want to limit it to local games at all.

The cabinets are conceptualized as just PC boxes with joysticks and trackballs, so far. But they can be extended and specialized for anything ITP students dream up, for example.

They are not static – they are kind of curated if we take the gallery mentality, or booked if we go with the rock show analogy. So visiting the spot would mean checking out a lineup of new games , in general.

This is mostly because there are a lot of games online that I just want to play by downloading on my own. I loved a lot of the games in that 52 games in a year spree by whoever those people were. I think these very arcade like games shouldn’t be limited to being played alone on laptops, they can be part of a social life.

For this semester I’m going to make 3 cabinets and call it an arcade.

I will probably then contact Mike Rosenthal of the Tank and see if we could situate ourselves in his basement. He runs an active venue and is basically on my side in the world.

Finally, since this is the first sort of DIY gallery / exhibition space / venue for video games, I find I don’t have to conform to any standards. So I’ll be taking some liberties with the cabinet designs….


(I’m also just messing with wordpress and images, since I’ve never done it before)