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A Burgess Shale of Digital Erotica – Frank Lantz on Spore

Was just reading the latest issue of Seed while doing my laundry on this lazy Saturday… a great issue dedicated to all things evolving. There’s three articles related to Spore, including a one-on-one with Will Wright about the future (not the future of games, but THE future). Just as I was thinking I should write a post about this enjoyable magazine and the gaming related content, along comes Frank Lantz and his take on Spore:

“Here’s a game — supposedly about evolution — in which sexual reproduction is tastefully absent… and then as soon as the [Spore] editor comes out, there’s this enormous Cambrian Explosion, a Burgess Shale of digital erotica. And then those images were realy good at reproducing themselves as players sent links and images around to each other. So, it turns out that sex is good at reproducing itself. How funny and ironic is that?”

Not as ironic as the fact this article/quote appeared in a magazine called Seed.