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The Week in Links

Sometimes you have to look real hard for anything interesting on the internet, and sometimes the internet just decides to throw things in your lap. Here’s a couple of links that you all might want to check out if you have a few free moments over the weekend.

As it seems only few people know, the first World Mind Sports Games opened today in China. Not only does it have an inelegant name, but also one of the worst logos I have ever seen, for anything. Nonetheless, it’s pretty cool that there’s a big international tournament that centers around such classic games. One last problem though, where’s Backgammon?

Iroquois Pliskin, who actually dropped by the site this week, has a review of PixelJunk Monsters up on Versus CluCluLand. This is a great game that does some really interesting things with the normal Tower Defense formula. As Iroquois rightly points out it’s the addition of an avatar that really makes the game. It does for Tower Defense what Harvest Moon did for farm sims.

Finally, as a little bonus, there’s a great post on the electoral projection site on one of John McCain’s tells, known now as the ‘tongue jut‘. Some pretty good off-the-cuff analysis from the author Sean Quinn, who is apparently a Poker player.