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Why is Starcraft still playing in Korea?

The last class, Frank mentioned that Starcraft is still playing worldwide especially in Korea. I don’t know much about situation of other countries but there are two game cable channel in Korea and several professional game teams sponsored by companies.

I’ve also played the game so long time and here are few reason I think.

The first reason is that in the late 90’s when Starcraft came out were same time as the high speed internet era began in Korea. Starcraft was very good game itself and very suitable to online game to play. Many young people started it even though it was hard to someone who were not familiar with computer games or that kind of real-time strategy games. There were many similar games after Starcraft but not so many people could learn new game, they just played Starcraft.

In addition, inflow of women fans was the critical elements which enabled the industry of Starcraft went beyond the chasm. Many women started to watch game channel and attended the stadium of Starcraft. Increasing women fans made companies invest this industry.

Moreover, there are so many people worked in the industry such as two cable channels, tens of sponsor companies, players so that Starcraft should not be stopped. So that they are trying to keep it in many ways such as finding new gamers, making star players and holding special game matches.