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Upcoming Events in NYC

There are a couple of interesting things happening in New York City soon:

Frank Lantz, the founder of Game Design Advance, among other things, is giving a talk this Friday in Tribeca. This is a great opportunity in that Frank rarely gives long, solo talks, especially on some of the more esoteric things that go on in his head. The talk starts at 8pm this Friday, March 20th; tickets are $10 and can be ordered online or purchased at the door.  More info is here:

    Frank Lantz – How Games Mean

Another upcoming event is The New Museum of Contemporary Art’s first triennial exhibition, which is going to feature Mark Essen’s brilliant game Flywrench. I’ve sung my praises for the game and am happy that it’s getting some great exposure. The exhibition is featuring a range of artists and will be mounted sometime next month. You can read about the event in The New York Times here:

    Art of the Computer Generation

I’ll post an update when a start date gets pinned down.