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Upcoming Talks at NYU’s Game Center

As some of you may already know New York University has recently begun organizing a new department that focuses on game design and development called the Game Center. To kick things off NYU has been hosting a series of lectures by game industry luminaries such as Ian Bogost and Jonathan Blow, hosted by friend and founder of Game Design Advance, Frank Lantz.

So far the talks have been very interesting, with a good back-and-forth between the speakers, Frank, and the audience. The talks are open to the public and there are a few heavy-hitters coming up that would be a shame to miss:

    Thursday, April 16th from 6 – 8PM
    Warren Spector, influential game designer presently working with Disney Interactive.

    Thursday, April 23rd from 6 – 8PM
    Marc “Mahk” LeBlanc, creator of the MDA framework, a powerful conceptual approach to game design.

    Thursday, April 30th from 6:30 – 8PM
    Eric Zimmerman & Katie Salen, co-authors of the groundbreaking book on game design, Rules of Play.

    Friday, May 8th from 6 – 8PM
    Clint Hocking, pioneering game designer whose work explores new directions for blending narrative and gameplay.

The talks are being held in the Tisch Building, 721 Broadway, in Room 006.