Another Castle

Not Just Another Podcast

As some of you may already know my good friend Noah Sasso and I have been working on a podcast about the New York game scene called Another Castle. We’ve been recording interviews all summer and as we go speeding towards the fall we’ve finally released our first episode.

Our first episode is a conversation with the co-founder of the innovative game development firm area/code and interim director of NYU’s new Game Center, Frank Lantz. We range from topics such as designing games for social play to the creative process and the lessons to be learned from the 20th century regarding the status of games.

I conducted the interview with production and editing handled by Noah and with music by Chris Graves ( Our cover (above) was designed by Rachel Morris (

You can subscribe to the podcast  on iTunes or you can download it from here:

Another Castle Episode 1 – Frank Lantz

We’re releasing a new episode every other week and next time we’ll be talking to independent game developer and critic, Anna Anthropy.

Hope you all get a chance to listen and any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated!