From the syllabus:

The games industry is in the midst of a creative, technical, and commercial explosion, and games are poised to become the defining art form of the 21st century. Or are they disposable pop culture stuck in a rut of adolescent power fantasies and mindless escapism? Is it possible that both of these things are true, or neither?

This seminar is designed for students who have had some experience creating games and are familiar with the basic principles of game design and interested in tackling more advanced topics in this emerging discipline.

The structure of the class will be dynamic and student-led, with a focus on discussion and analysis. We will look at examples of existing games in depth. Students will be encouraged to share the game projects they are working on outside the class for feedback and critique. Each session will revolve around a specific game design issue or problem. Some of these issues will be brought to the class by the instructor and some will emerge through discussion and debate.