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About Ogame

The game what I mentioned several times in class was Ogame. ( “Ogame is a German management-type, space-war theme online browser game” (from wikipedia) I would like to say, Ogame is text-based massive multi-user real-time online game.

I’m playing in Korean server #3 (Universe 3) and 93rd in ranking now over 5000 users. As I said, this game has changed even my daily life cycle. I sometimes set alarm to wake up 3 a.m. when I go to bed at 1 a.m., because this game is real-time so that I should play specific time to achieve or keep ranking by sending fleets to other users’ planets or watching whether other users are coming or not.

Basically, users gather resources from their planet and use that resources to build other buildings, ships and defense systems. Users can attack other users’ planet and other users also attack him in real-time. User can make alliances and each alliances have their diplomatic policies.

Here are some more ‘common’ play style of Ogame users. Very high rankers have an ability to sleep discontinuously, I mean they sleep 1 hour then wake up and play a while and sleep 1 hour then wake up again and so on. Some users make their own software to help their play such as battle result calculator or resource manager. A real guru make his own alarm system which send SMS text message to his mobile phone when his planets are being attacked.

I think this game is the first game which changed my daily life style.