Dispatches, Part One; Or: Okay, You Asked For It

After a long, long bout of avoiding what might has strangely gained the reputation of being the most critically acclaimed game of the PS2, “God of War,” I’ve finally given in and started playing. Granted, even walking into this I’m already a bit skeptical about the heaping amounts of praise it keeps getting—why is it that people always seem to have a new “Best Game Ever” list whenever a new sequel’s coming around the mountain?—but still determined to keep an open mind. Even if it’s only to eventually criticize the game, Aside from that, this also marks my start of a game journal, wherein I intend to document the experience of playing this game from start to finish, writing as soon as I can after each round of gameplay. This evening I began the game and played up through the entire Hydra episode on the normal, “Hero” difficulty setting (and don’t bother chastising me for not trying my luck with something harder—I’m sandwiching this in between work on three finals, so it’s a miracle I’ve found any free time at all to do this.)