Currently Playing?

I just finished both Gears of War and Final Fantasy XII. Right now I’m reserving judgement on Gears until I can play the co-op campaign mode, which is where I hear it really shines, but there are already aspects to it that I can see are just plain unfinished, or not thought through enough. If any of you all have a 360, the internet, and a copy Gears, and, of course, the desire to play through it again, then speak up.

Final Fantasy XII is what I’m calling an ‘imperfect masterpiece’. The talent of the team behind it is obvious all the way through, but for whatever reason, they couldn’t pull all the strings together in the end. On the other hand, it is rediculously good-looking for a Playstation 2 game. Maybe that’s shallow to say, but it really is quite amazing what they pulled off.

So is anyone else playing anything, good or bad?