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Great Research on Game Genres

Make sure to participate in their survey, but also click on the image at the top to download a 6 page pdf file of their current findings. This is all about mapping how gamers perceive the games they play, and begins to break down traditional gaming genres. Came across this at GrandTextAuto.

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  1. Charles wrote:

    While I think this work is interesting, it bothers me that it makes such sweeping assumptions about particular games. Genres are useful, but only in terms of categorization, not in terms of criticism. For instance, Metal Gear Solid is listed between Anime Influence and Fantasy Exploration, while Half-Life is listed in Run and Gun. However, there are moments of Run and Gun in Metal Gear Solid and Half-Life 2 has sequences that are all about Exploration. The problem with this study is that they don’t allow their participants to compare moments insides games, which can span even the popular genres and I would expect reveal the complexity that isn’t easily categorized. Also, what the hell does ‘Fantasy Exploration’ even mean? Exploration with wizards and warriors, or imagining that the space you’re exploring it real?

    Friday, August 3, 2007 at 5:33 am | Permalink

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